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Ira Leviton

"I must be doing something wrong so I am turning to the experts
for advice. I found my great grandmother & 3 children on the
EIDB coming in on the SS Weiland on 3/21/1892 but no matter how
I try on the Morse one step I cannot bring up the correct page
to view the manifest. The EIDB has the wrong manifest. Instead
of the Weiland it is showing the Rhyland. I have the roll # and
the frame is 660 on page 14 with passenger numbers 0500 thru 0503
but cannot view it. Can someone out there with a little more
expertise tell me how I can do this short of going to NARA."

It's probably somewhere on the same microfilm role, but for some
reason the EIDB is giving you the wrong page/image. I don't know
why this occurs.

I had a similar problem, and was able to figure it out with the
help of Briefly,
when you find the list of ships and arrival dates that appear on
the microfilm reel, you can confirm that it's the proper reel, and
then figure out whether to go forward or backward, depending on if
the Weiland is listed before or after the Rhyland. If you're
unlucky, you'll have to go 100 pages or more ahead or backwards
from where you keep landing with the EIDB. I was able to do so
only one page at a time, but when I reached the proper ship, I was
soon able to find my relatives -- with two entries: one for when
they arrived, and one for when they were released.

Good luck.

Ira Leviton, New York, N.Y.
searching for
LEWITAN (Rypin and Myszyniec, Pol.); NIEDOBITEK (Rypin, Pol.);
REBHUN, RAPHAN, etc. (Rzemien and Ropczyce, Pol.); BLANK
(Niedzwiada and Ropczyce, Pol.); STRICK (Mielec and Ropczyce,
Pol.); KORN (Gorlice and Ropczyce, Pol.); ATLAS (Wien/Vienna,

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