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My great-aunt Clementine was supposedly orphaned somewhere
near Bielsko - Biala, Poland. The time would have been in
the 1880's.

It is my understanding that Sophia Truskowska and her cousin
Clothilde took in orphaned Jewish children and Russian soldiers,
as well as enemy soldiers during the insurrection. It was this
kindness that resulted on November 21, 1855, before the icon of
Our Lady of Czestochowa, the Felician Congregation was officially
established, and the Foundress Sophia took the name Angela.
(Mother Mary Angela was beatified on April 8, 1993 by His Holiness,
John Paul II). The location in what is now Poland does not
seem all that far >from where my ancestors are from.

It is my understanding that Mother Mary Angela not only cared for
orphans of all denominations, she also took in those in desperate
need, the insane, and the elderly of every denomination.

Would anyone know if this orphanage still exists in present day?
Would anyone know if records of orphans and military possibly
survived the wars and history?

You see, Aunt Clementine was also documented as having epilepsy
which in those days was misdiagnosed as insanity. It may be
possible this is where the family left her sometime between 1885
and 1892. She immigrated to the U.S. in 1892 and raised my
grandfather, Felix Michael (born CT 1893) for many years. With
as nutty as our research has been, and with gp being named Felix,
who knows if this isn't the convent where Clementine supposedly
stayed or was left at by the RING family of Bielsko Biala?

Please reply privately.

Nancy Ring-Kendrick
Searching BLOCH's and RING's of Galicia;
Bielsko-Biala, Brystra, and Krakow.
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