JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Where is Bodendor? #general

Alexander Sharon

Connie Fisher Newhan wrote:

Dear Group--
I've just come across an obituary >from a 1903 Pittsburgh, PA
Jewish Publication for my husbands ggf Isaac Friedsam. It
states that he came >from "Bodendor, Rhine, Prussia in 1853."
I've looked at Shtelt Seeker and have too many choices, towns
in Austria, Czech Republic and Germany. While I believe the
town to be in present day Germany, I really have no idea what
to assume. Can any one narrow the list down for me and point
me toward the correct area?

Bodendorf (Bad Bodendorf) is already identified by you as being
located in Rheinl[and], Germany. Town location is also verified
by WOWW gazeteer at 5033 0713.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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