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<< Sagal is also the reason why so many people with the last name Segal (or
even Siegel) are Leviim.

Ira Leviton (yes, a Levi)
New York, N.Y. >>

==Some, but not all that many. Siegel is spelled in Hebrew
samekh-yod-gimmal-lamed; Segal is ALWAYS spelled without the yod.

Siegel can have been a sealmaker, a brickmaker, or an abbreviated
Siegalnovsky etc. If a person surnamed Siegel is truly a Levite, it's a
conicidence or a misspelling. The correct pronunciation, if it is indeed an
acronym meaning deputy, is Segal, not Sagal because the first vowel of
Segen/Segan is a sounded shva, not a patach. What I am increasingly coming
to believe is that the true origin of the name also requires an "e" for the
first vowel.

Michael Bernet Halevi (don't bother with the SG"L bit).

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