Searching for Edith KAHN #germany

Tony & Suford Lewis

About two years ago another family member posted asking for this information.
We hope that in the intervening time new information may have surfaced among
new or existing members.

Edith KAHN was (is?) my second cousin, once removed. She was born 14 July
1933 at Wiesbaden, Germany to Max KAHN and Lina Getta HAUSMANN. They arrived
in New York 2 March 1937 about the Ile de France. As of April 1942 Max was
working for Kahn Brothers Smelting and Refining.

Max and Lina are deceased as are Max's brother Gustav KAHN and his wife
Betti JOSEPH. Gustav and Betti had no children.

The KAHN family was originally >from Breckenheim near Wiesbaden.

Please reply privately. Thank you.

Tony Lewis Natick, Massachusetts

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