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John Paul Lowens <jplowens@...>

I sent a scan of a 1945 postcard >from my great aunt to ViewMate ( VM
15445 ) for translation help. The image was posted just yesterday but
*** I already have a translation and transliteration *** and also some
information >from the Internet about the place >from which this card was written.

Thanks to wonderful ViewMate, JewishGen and a generous GerSIG member
*** No translation help is needed ***

However, I'm leaving the image of this card at ViewMate for a few days
more. I think some GerSIG members, especially younger ones, may find
it interesting.

In 1945 it cost just one cent to send a post card within the (then) 48
United States. In our time of 9 digit zip codes and bar coded mail
routing, the simple "New York City" in the address is another reminder
of simpler days.

The card was written 3 days after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima,
Japan, about ten days before the end of World War 2. It was sent from
the Palace Hotel in New York's Catskill region - an area sometimes
called "the borscht belt". The friend who translated the German
writing to English also sent some information about this and other
resorts in that area. This gave me new insight into the lives of our
Jewish ancestors and relatives.

"Note: I found an interesting article about Fleischmanns, NY:
'At the time, the Palace Hotel was a kochaleine (a Yiddish word for
"cook alone"). The kitchen had a line of stoves and each woman got her
own stove to cook on. The wives and children came up for the whole
summer and the husbands visited on weekends. Each family was assigned
their own table in the dining room.' "

Thanks to GerSIG's generous friend Andreas Schwab.

John Paul Lowens (geb. Loewenstein) Suburban New York NY

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