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Errol Schneegurt

A volunteer that can translate Cyrillic and input the translated data on a XL
spread sheet is needed to help complete a project!

For the past 3 months 15 volunteers have been working diligently on a project
that will create a searchable data base of persons that died in the Jewish
Hospital in the city of Lviv for years 1941/42.

The list has some 9000 surnames, given names, age, dates of death and burial,
last known address, plot and tomb numbers and costs associated with their
burial. To date some 6000 line items have been entered.

This project is part of the joint agreement between Yad Vashem and JewishGen
and as such is an important one to complete.

A portion of the 1941 sheets are written in Cyrillic and represent some 1200
surnames. I have one volunteer working on about 600 of the names but I have
not been able to reach the second volunteer that would have done remainder of
the list.

If you are willing to help out please contact me at


Errol Schneegurt NY

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