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My family history on my father's side includes one of those weird *name
change* episodes (that so many of us have) in Lithuania sometime in the
1850s or later. Supposedly a young man with the surname KAPLANSKY was
paid to take the place of someone with the last name SHAVLANSKY (or
something similar) in the army. This was in Siauliai, or Shavel. The
story gets fuzzy, but it's more or less that the new Mr. SHAVLANSKY joined
the army but somehow managed to desert and survive. However, he kept his
new name and moved around, resettling in Sakiai (Shaki). It was probably
his son, years later, who immigrated to Boston in 1890. This was my pgf,
Joseph SAVALANSKY (later shortened to SAVAL).

Now fast forward to the 1940s/1950s. My older sister recently told me
that she remembers that our dad, Meyer SAVAL (one of Joseph's 6 children),
when driving through an area of Boston sort of near the retail downtown
and Chinatown area, pointed out a furniture store with the name KAPLAN on
it and claimed it was owned by cousins who still had that name. Is there
anyone out there who remembers anything about that store or that family?

I would love to investigate this possible family connection. Please reply

Lois Saval Finstein
Researcher #9111

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