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Hi Steve and other Genners,

The EIDB has many wrong pointers and Steve stumbled
upon one of them. I have not checked back for a while
but for the same ship and date of arrival for an
individual I am researching, EIDB originally gave the
black screen message "No Image Available." During the
past 21 months, they have fixed many of the errors.
But in this case they have replaced one error with

After reading Steve's message, I went to the Morse
site and looked at roll after roll >from beginning to
end. [Skipping by 50s for larger ships.] The maiden
voyage of the President Grant [to NYC] commenced on
September 14, 1907. Most ships had made the
transcontinental voyage in about two weeks so I
thought that possibly the date of arrival was wrong.
But starting September 20 and through the month of
October 1907 - nothing!

However, when reviewing the November 7, 1907 Series
T715 Roll 1035 - I saw the problem - a series of ships
including the Samland ends on frame 412 and there's
nothing available for frames 413-795. I'm *sure* that's
where the President Grant is. There's just the error
message repeated frame after frame. [Check it out!]
So, you are not doing anything wrong. The data is
just not available right now.

Have Patience,
Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA

-Krzywcze, Poland: BERNER -Kolomyya, Ukraine: WIENER,

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Date: Thu, 09 Jan 2003 00:46:57 -0500
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< I found an individual (Banny FEIN) who supposedly
arrived on the President Grant on Nov 6, 1907. Morton
Allan says it arrived on Nov 4. The image it points to
is the Samland of the same date, and doesn't contain
the individual; when I search for an individual on the
image, it finds him correctly.

So I walked through a half-dozen microfilms from
11/2/07 thru 11/12/07 and can't find the arrival of
the President Grant.

I used all the Morse tools to no avail. Any
suggestions? Can anyone find it? Thanks.

Steve Stein
Highland Park, NJ>

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