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Jerome Seligsohn <jselig1315@...>

I have paid a visit in person to YIVO [Center of
Jewish History] to address the most important issue of
the care of Yiddish artifacts.
Archivist know how and technology is the cdenter of
YIVO practice. Their sound archivist, Lorin Sklamberg,
[] is devoted to the care and
presentation of Yiddish records. 78's are kept in
acid-free envelopes.Temperature and humidity controls
are in use.
YIVO also is in cooperation with the Library of
Congress in this area.
I have profiteed for years working for Jewishgen in the
YIVO archives and rely heavily on the cooperation of
Leo Greenbaum [212 294 6145] for my work on
landsmanshaften. Please leave our artifacts in the
proven hands of YIVO.

Jerry Seligsohn

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