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Yocheved Klausner

Jewish genealogy was recently enriched by the publication of an important
and many paged study: four hefty volumes by our member Rose Lerer-Cohen of
Jerusalem and her collaborator Saul Issroff of the Jewish Genealogical
Society of Great Britain. The work, The Holocaust in Lithuania 1941-1945 A
Book of Remembrance contains a wealth of information, painstakingly gathered
over more than five years. Its purpose is to record the names of the Jews of
Lithuania who perished in the Holocaust and includes additional material on
families, places and dates. Owing to the exceptional importance of this
opus, a special place has been allocated for the detailed review that
appears in this issue.

The articles directly dealing with genealogy or fields close to it are quite
diverse. Edward Gelles brings us the second half of his research, on his
father's family, after writing about his mother's side in our last issue.
Naftali Wertheim and Yonatan Mamlock discuss their research - Mamlock via a
detailed story about his family and its history and Wertheim by producing "A
New Ancestor" on the family tree. Rose Feldman gives us a glimpse of her
family through the window that she opened on the Internet. David Ferdinando
recounts how the Jews received the right to live in London again in the time
of Oliver Cromwell and Menasseh ben Israel. Professor Moshe Faraggi
concludes the articles with a learned overview on the origin of his family
name and on the variations found in diverse parts of the world at different
times in history.

In the context of the articles connected with the Israel Genealogical
Society, I would like to call attention to the article by Harriet Kasow on
what is new in our library. Yehuda Klausner provides us with another
installment on the subject of recording genealogical data and Jean-Pierre
Stroweis reports on the new, spacious location of the Central Archives for
the History of the Jewish People. Our regular features, book reviews and
abstracts >from foreign publications, appear as usual.

Last, but not least, the item A Historic Footnote: Seniority - Who Knows?
Who is Acquainted? by Dr. Hanan Rapaport, contains a real scoop. Don't miss

With best wishes,
Yocheved Klausner, Editor
Sharsheret Hadorot
The Journal of the Israel Genealogical Society

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