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I realise that I mis-spelt the above name in my e-mail of the 8th January
under the heading Help required.So if I could repeat the message which was
...I would like some help in trying to trace my paternal grandmothers family
and to find out if she perished in the holocoust.Her maiden name was Rachel
SHLAMOWITZ<known English spelling>.She married my grandfather JOseph Tarlo
in Poland and came to England with him where she gave birth to my father
Wolf <William>Tarlo in 1906 in Liverpool.Shortly after she returned to
Poland taking my father with her and subsequently shedivorced my grandfather
and sent my father to rejoin his fatherin England.Rachel then married a
widower who already had three girls,his name is not known but I believe the
girls names to be Ryioka,Topiza and Mela. Ihave a photo of three girls with
those names.I don"t have any more information. IIdo know some of my family
came >from the Lodz area and atown called Krosniewice <is that the same
place as Krosnerty? Thank you for your assistance so far and also to the two
people who gave information on people called Tarlo which I willfollow up.

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