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Alexander Sharon

Naomi Fatouros wrote:

But I confess I am a little confused, because "Where We Once Walked" has
entry for a "Zolotoy Potok" with these alternative spellings: "Potek
"Potik," "Potok Zloti," "Potok Zloty," and"Zloti Potok," WWOW says it had
pre-WW II Jewish population of 895 and that it is 75 kilometers northwest
Chernovsty. Its map coordinates are 48'54/25'20.

But "Where we Once Walked" also has an entry for a "Zloty Potok" whose
WWII Jewish population was only 7. It is 26 kilometers east southeast of
Czestochowa, and its map cooderinates are 50'43/29'27.

That the above map coordinates do not vary widely it is possible that the
sources I've consulted are describing the same village and not two
ones. Or, it is possible that there was an older village that later
established a flour mill which was downstream or upstream >from the
and was given the same name. ( I think it was Alexander Sharon who
explained a similar situation with regard to another village.)

Just to clarify the issue.

Prior to WWII there were in Poland two separate towns located about 300
Town Potok Zloty was located in Tarnopol Province. Current town name in
Ukrainian is Zolotyy Potik and town is still the part of the Ternopil
Province, Ukraine.
Prewar town name Zloty Potok in Czestochowa region has not changed.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary. Ab.

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