JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Unreliability of death certificate information #general


Dear Roberta and JewishGenners:

Roberta Sheps recently posted an incident in her family where information
on the death record of her aunt was erroneously given to the authorities
by the decedents son. Roberta also said she had not heard of death
certificates requiring the place of birth of the deceased on the

I can tell you in California that place of birth of deceased's parents are
required fields of information. I know when my father died a few years ago
the funeral chapel thought they were being helpful and "created" answers to
many of the questions rather than "bother" me. When I saw the final
product >from the state -the death certificate- I was not happy. I required
the funeral chapel to send in the required correction form to the State of
California- there were 6 errors- and while it took a while there is now an
amended death certificate. Most people not interested in genealogy would
not take the time to correct such items as where the deceased's parents
were born; occupation of the deceased etc,

We should all be aware that the information on the certificate is a guide
for us and not necessary 100% accurate! The informant may be to grieved to
remember certain information; not know it and assume certain facts; or the
funeral chapel may be "helpful".

Jan Meisels Allen
Agoura Hills, CA

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