MANASSE Family of Talheim, Wuerttemberg and related families #germany

Ralph Baer

Close to 20 years ago, at the request of my aunt (my mother's sister), I
assembled an ancestor chart of for my uncle Alfred MANASSE of Talheim,
Wuerttemberg, near Heilbronn. Most of this work was performed at the CAHJP
in Jerusalem.

Now that the Reichssippenamt records for Baden-Wuerttemberg are available on
line, as has been mentioned here before, I had the opportunity to easily
start to create a descendant file for Alfred's 3-great grandfather Hirsch
Manasse who moved >from nearby Horkheim (now Heilbronn-Horkheim) to Talheim
in 1774. Hirsch Manasse was a son Manasse Veit who was recorded as living
in 1700 in Horkheim. The latter's father, Faistele, was born about 1644 in
Sontheim (now Heilbronn-Sontheim).

Two date, I know of four children of Hirsch Manasse. Manasse Hirsch (1742
Horkheim - 1794 Talheim) was my uncle's great-great-grandfather. His sons
who remained inTalheim all adopted the family name MANASSE in response to
the 1828 law requiring Wuerttemberg Jews to take permanent family names.
Sons moving to Niederstetten and Hochberg (now Remseck am Neckar - Hochberg)
took the family name THALHEIMER. Sons of Manasse Hirsch brother Samuel
Hirsch in Talheim adopted the family name HIRSCH. Manasse's much younger
brother Valention Hirsch in Talheim adopted the name HIRSCHFELD for his
family. The family of their only known sister Nendel Hirsch, living in
Affaltrach (now Obersulm-Affaltrach), took the name THALHEIMER.

I am interested in connecting with people who have data on any of these

Ralph Baer Washington, DC

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