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Alexander Sharon

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Dear Geners,

I just found the shipping manifest on EIDB of one of my ancestors, Schiman
RUDIAK. His birthplace was transcribed as:

"Wolaskic Mecherynce, Russia,"

but I can't figure out where this is in the ShtetlSeeker. Can anyone help
me to determine what this town might be called today or where this town
is? To give you an idea of location, the family memory says that he was
from "Gubernia Kiev" which I know means the province of Kiev in the

Thank you,
Deborah SCHEIMER, deborah.scheimer@...

Town name is Volokhskiye Makharintsy [voloh skee yeh mah kah reen tsee] near
Kazatin, the matso soup belt between the Vinitsa and Zhitomir.
Town coordinates are: 4943 2855

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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