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Maria <elena@...>

<< In my database i found another spelling of the family BELINFANTE.
In Ancona (Central Italy) lived and was persecuted by racial laws ago
Andreina Coen BENINFANTE. The familyname Beninfante sounds in Italian
well-child or good-child. There is the remote possibility of a Hebrew
origin son (ben)-of Infante.

If the "Coen" part of the name could be a form of COHEN or Kohen, the
Jewish origin would be virtually certain. Infante was not a Jewish name to
the best of my knowledge, and no one would name a child Ben Infante where
infante meant simply child.. MBernet<<<

Coming in late on this, and with a stretch of an idea, but here goes: In
the Spanish royal family (and possibly aristocratic families),
Infante/Infanta was used as a title for the younger sibling, who was not
in direct line for inhertiance. So, for example, of the five surviving
children of the Catholic Kings, the only son (and second child), Juan, was
Prince, but all his sisters were infantas, even after reaching adulthood
(until, I *believe* they married). You get a kind of equivalent of this
sort of thing in England, too: think Childe Harold.

Could it be possible for Beninfante to be some sort of echo of birth order
in a family?

Two cents.

Maria Torres
NOTIS (Kovno, NY)
KUNST (Poland, PA), PADEREWSKI (Poland, Savannah)
FRANKEL (Poland, NY, KY)

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