German Jewish Community Records #germany


I am sorry that I was not able to join you in Los Angeles, but I want to
make sure that all GerSig members were aware of the Jewish community records
available at the USHMM.

I have inventoried all but one of these collections and these inventories
have been provided to the GerSig archives. They are:

Dresden, Hamburg (actually Detmold, Oldenburg and Muenster, not Hamburg),
Magdeburg, Mannheim and Stuttgart. I am still working on Leipzig, 43 reels
of film, ca. 43,000 pages.

I would be happy to send copies of these inventories to any person or
organization requesting them, but please be aware that these are
inventories, mostly for these communities in the 1920s-1940s. Many identify
name lists but only a few of the lists themselves have been entered into
name lists so far. Perhaps next year when the IAJGS meets in Washington, we
can explore how and whether to work with individual lists.

Peter Lande Washington, D.C.

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