18th c. marriage contract - translation help #germany


The marriage record of my great-great-great-great grandparents Lippman
ELIAS and Rachel ALEXANDER, >from Hochfelden, Alsace, is contained in
the Fraenkel book of 18th century marriage contracts. I have managed
to acquire scans of the original documents >from the archives in
Strasbourg. Somewhat to my surprise, it turns out that the marriage
document consists of almost four pages of dense Hebrew script (I assume
the language is Yiddish) followed by about a page worth of French. The
Yiddish text obviously says a lot more than is contained in the
paragraph in the Fraenkel book and, interestingly, although the names
match, it does not look like the Fraenkel book's text matches the
French text in the original document either. So now I'm very curious
what the original document actually says. I have posted all five pages
of the document on Viewmate. They are documents 16079-16093. Ideally,
I'd like to get a full translation, but for now I'll take whatever
translation help anyone can offer. (I have higher resolution images
than those posted on Viewmate that I can email if that helps.)
The link to the first document is:

Thank you. Larry Frankel Washington, DC lawfrank@aol.com

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