Deaths of Prof. Drs. Paul Sauer and Utz Jeggle #germany

Emily Rose <emily@...>

Joachim Hahn ( has announced the recent deaths of
Prof. Dr. Paul Sauer and two years earlier, Prof. Dr. Utz Jeggle. Both of
these men wrote seminal books on Jewish German rural history, which many of
us used for our family research projects.

Dr. Sauer's books were among many others: Die juedischen Gemeinden in
Wuerttemberg und Hohenzollern, Juedisches Leben im Wandel der Zeit: 170
Jahre Israelitische Religionsgemeinschaft, and 50 Jahre neue Synagoge in
Stuttgart. Dr. Jeggle wrote Judendoerfer in Wuerttemberg in 1969. It was the
first post-war book on German Jewish rural history.

On a personal note, both professors were most generous with their time and
knowledge over the course of my research for my book.

Emily Rose, Naples FL

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