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I would like to get started doing research in the Kaments
Podolskiy Archives. Any tips or advice would be appreciated. Should I
contact the archive directly? Are there any private researchers that you
have dealt with before that you might recommend?
Please respond privately unless you think the group would benefit
from your reply.
Barry Chernick
Bellevue WA

CHERNICK, CHERNIK - Starokonstantinov, Krasilov, Volochisk, Samchiki
MITTLEMAN - Tchan (Tiofipol), Satanov
SCHULMAN, SHULMAN - Dolginovo, Minsk
HOFSTEIN – Svencionys, Krotoszyn, Dresden, Berlin
KARP, CARP – Minsk, Logoysk, Pleshchenitsy
BERCHANSKY – Bobrynets, Manitoba Canada

MODERATOR NOTE: JewishGen's policy is that researchers
may not be recommended by name, and that any information
regarding researchers should be sent privately.

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