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In searching the 1920 and 1930 US Census Index for Philadelphia , I
believe I've exhausted all of the variable spellings for the name
CARASICK, in combination with the soundex search. I am looking for a
listing for Nathan and/or wife, Jennie CARASICK. They emigrated to and
resided in Philadelphia in 1913-1914 through 1960. They had three
children: Mary, Harry and Isadore.

The Philadelphia Archives just advised me that there is no listing in
their 1920 or 1930 Philadelphia City Directories. Nathan Carasick came
to the USA >from Kiev where he was schooled as a barber and that was his
life's vocation. Does anyone know of any Barber or Hairdressers Union or
Association in Philadelphia that I might contact??

Please reply privately to:
Beatrice Markel
Redondo Beach, California

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