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Mark Jacobson

--- Barry Edwin Sieger <> wrote:
Prior to the passage of the Basic Naturalization Act of
June 29, 1906 very little personal information was collected
during the naturalization process. The only information you
receive is the relative's name, date of naturalization,
address, occupation, birth date, former nationality,
port of arrival, and date of arrival, and names and address
and occupation of witnesses to naturalization.
The above is actually a best case scenario. Many
naturalizations before 1906 had much less information.
My g-grandfather's naturalization petition in District
Court in Philadelphia in 1900 only has his name, date
of naturalization, nationality, and age. No
occupation, birthdate, or the important arrival
information which I still cannot find anywhere. It
doesn't even say anything about his declaration.

Also, NARA does *not* have an index of *all* pre 1906
naturalizations in the US. They do for New York, but
not for many other places. Before 1906 any court in
any city or town could naturalize people and many of
these records only exist unindexed on dusty shelves in
old courthouses.

Mark Jacobson
Boca Raton, FL

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