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After many years of searching for a relative born in England, I was finally
able to receive a copy of her birth record. The surname, of course, was
not spelled quite as expected. I owe this remarkable discovery to the
kindness and time consuming efforts of a stranger. This gentleman saw a
post of mine on Jewishgen and like several others replied. But he offered
to do some lookups, not just make suggestions (which are always welcome).
He had access to records I did not and I am so grateful for his kindness.
I won't say his name, I don't want him overwhelmed with requests. But
many, many thanks to this fine gentlemen.
And of course without Jewishgen I would never have found anything over
the years or the wonderful people that have guided me.
One request, folks please, when you post surnames to FTJP and JGFF, if
someone writes to you - *reply*. With my new found name I sent out 9
emails, 3 were returned unknown, 2 answered and 4 didn't reply. And if you
get new email addresses please update your file. Thank you all.
Frank Morgan
New Mexico

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