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toby greenwald

I'm a rank beginner. I am researching my father's
family - SCHWARTZBERG (Scwarcberg). I believe he was
born in 1918 and left Poland at the start of the
anschlauss. He went to Tashkent. Met my mother there
(>from Skvira) and wound up in a dp camp in Germany
where I was born.

My father has been deceased for a long time. His
parents and a sister who stayed in Poland were killed.
Anyone know anything about Lukow? My father said he
was in the Polish army. I don't know a thing about my
grandparents. My father was the first of his family
to come to the U.S.

I know about the JRI-Poland database which I am trying
to decipher.

Does anyone know what kind of info is on the HIAS
arrival card?

I know Schwartzberg is German for black mountain. How
would someone have gotten a name like that - by living
near a black mountain?

Thank you

Toby Greenwald

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