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TomHennie <tomhennie@...>

Dear Genners,

So far there have been 15 replies to my query about potential problems with
upgrading to 8.0. And 15 people have written asking about the consensus. So
here goes...Everyone who has upgraded said that there were no problems
until one tried to send a message to the group. As Dick Plotz
wrote, "Versions of AOL after 5.0 have been highly restricted in their
ability to send messages in plain text which is required by JewishGen's
list moderation software." Most users of 8.0 wrote to say that they get
around this problem by logging on to and submitting messages using
AOL's "mail on the Web" site. I have just written to AOL to see if I can
have both versions (5.0 and 8.0) on my software at the same time. That way
I can use 5.0 for posting messages to JewishGen. Thanks again to everyone
who replied to my query.

Hennie Greenland
Scottsdale, AZ

MODERATOR NOTE: A good summary as to how to adjust your email program to
send email in plain text can be found in the Plain Text InfoFile at
Please send any further comments on the above subject to the Jewishgen
Support Desk at
The InfoFile will be updated as significant new information arrives.

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