1938 Deportations of "Polish" Jews #germany


In late 1938 Germany deported somewhere between 6-17,000
"Polish" Jews to Poland at Zbaszyn and Beuthen. "Polish" was
defined as anyone not having German citizenship and having been
born in Poland and their families.

Unlike later deportations, no lists of deportees were prepared
and the names and ultimate fates of most of these persons,
most of whom had been long-term German residents, has not been
known. As a result, few of these persons are listed in the
Gedenkbuch, or even the Residentenliste.

Fortunately, in the 1950s the Leipzig Jewish community prepared
a list of the 890 Jews who were deported in 1938 >from the
Leipzig area and this list has been digitized and sent to JewishGen.

The information consists of names, dates and places of birth and
former address in Leipzig. In a few cases their ultimate fate,
survival or death, is noted.

While this material will appear on JewishGen, anyone reader with
urgent special interests in Leipzig Jews may email me and I will
forward the list to them.

More recently I have come across a much larger list of deportees
prepared by the Polish Government. When this list has been
digitized I will post a notice on GerSig.

Peter Lande Washington, D.C. pdlande@starpower.net

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