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Ralph Baer

I just want to add something for the record since conceivably someone will
search the archives years >from now.

I wrote "I was happy to find the inscriptions of the stones for my three
3-great-grandparents known to be buried there, but not the previous
generation." It turns out that the last part of this statement is not true.
I will explain.

I was informed that this book was published, the same week that it occurred,
when I received an E-mail >from a contact in Malsch where my BAER ancestors
once lived. He sent me an extract >from the index that lists those buried in
the cemetery consisting of all the former Malsch Jews there. One of the
entries was for a Tolz (umlaut on the o) bat Nate, who died on 4 July 1794.
I thought at the time that was interesting, a previous unknown daughter of
my 4-great-grandfather Nathan Marx, the only Nathan in Malsch at the time.

Although I knew about the book two months before I submitted my review to
GerSIG, I wanted to wait until I received the book before mentioning it
here. The much anticipated book finally arrived a week ago Friday, and on
Monday I wrote to GerSIG. I had not yet gone through the book with a
fine-toothed comb. Since then, I discovered that the index is wrong. The
body of the book, both in Hebrew and German, does not refer to her as "Tolz
bat Nate" but rather as "Tolz eschet Nate," that is Tolz (o umlaut), the
wife of Nate. Thus, Tolz was the wife of my 4-great-grandfather Nathan Marx.
I have no doubt that she was also the mother of my 3-great-grandfather Marx
Nathan BAER because his oldest daughter, born on 2 July 1796, was named Dolz
(later Dorothea), clearly the same name. Also, six of his seven other
children had children who used one or more of the names Dolz, Dorothea, or

Sadly, Nathan Marx's gravestone has succumbed to the ravishes of time and/or
man. I do think that Tolz's father's grave is there, but that requires
further research.

Anyway, I just wanted to set the record straight.

Ralph N. Baer Washington DC ursusminor@...

Original message:

The book "Gewidmet vom unvergesslichen Gatten," (dedicated by the
not-forgetting husband) subtitled "Die Grabinschriften des juedischen
Friedhofes in Kuppenheim" (the grave inscriptions of the Jewish cemetery in
Kuppenheim) was written by Gil Huettenmeister and Gerhard Friedrich Linder.
It was published earlier this year by Verlag Regionalkultur in
Ubstadt-Weiher in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

The book consists of the existing gravestone inscriptions and their German
translations for the burials in the Kuppenheim (Baden) Jewish cemetery. The
cemetery at one time served all of the surrounding Jewish communities south
of, but not including, Karlsruhe. Many of these communities eventually
established their own burial grounds. Others, including Malsch (Landkreis
Karlsruhe) where my BAER ancestry lived, continued using the cemetery until
the 1940 deportation of all of Baden's remaining Jews to Gurs. Selected
photos of stones are also included, as well as a large fold-out map showing
grave locations and an index. I was happy to find the inscriptions of the
stones for my three 3-great-grandparents known to be buried there, but not
the previous generation.

The book can be ordered >from the publisher or >from other on-line sources.

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