View mate - Letter from Breslau, 1914 - LEWY family #germany

Jeff Lewy <airbair@...>

I have posted a letter in two Viewmate listings, one for each side of
the letter sheet.

The letter was written in early 1914 >from "Aunt Jenny and Uncle
Berthold" in Breslau/Wroclaw to an American teenaged girl - my cousin
(once removed) Lucile. It appears that each of them wrote part of the letter.

The letter is in old German handwriting, which I cannot read. I would
very much appreciate a transcription to contemporary German, and a

I am hoping there is something in the letter that may help me find a
link, since lost, between the American and European branches of the family.

Please respond privately. Thank you!

Jeff Lewy, San Francisco, CA airbair@...

searching for LEWY, PEPPERMAN and SKALLER in Posen/Silesia, Prussia;
LOEWENTHAL in Mecklenburg; NEW/NEU in Hesse/Darmstadt; LOEWY and
SCHRAM in Bohemia; KAHNWEILER and KNOBLAUCH in the Rheinland.

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