Searching for BERKEWICZ ancesters prior to 1920. #germany

sue kay <kaysue2@...>

Hello All
My name is Sue Kay and I am currently living in London, England.
I am interested in contact with any one who may have in their family
lines ... or may have come across in thier research ... this spelling
of the BERKEWICZ name. As we are trying to trace backwards >from our
Mother in order to find certification regarding the family.

We have a ' possible' inherited medical problem that the Health
Service here in England wish to investigate further. So we are
specifically interested in death certification so that we can look at
the 'cause of death' section's of any family that we can deffinatly
trace as being part of 'our' family.

We know very little about her young life other than she was born in
Poland with her little brother and lived with their grandparent's in a
town / area that sounds in English like Olly, Oily, Olle etc. (This
might be where she was born or it might be where her family and
Grandparents lived / came from). Which we think maybe on the Polish
border area / region with Germany however, we are not 100% about this?
When our Mother was about 5,6,or 7 and her brother about 3,4 years old
they moved to Hannover, Germany to join their parents who had moved
their previously to find work and set up a home.

Both children where born in the 1920's. Our Mother's name was Gerda
Herta Anne BERKEWICZ. We have no birth certification (or any other
except marriage and that just lists her as Foreign Born) for our now
deceased Mother but have always understood that she was born about
1925 give or take a year or two.

We understand that BERKEWICZ is a Jewish name ... with many variations
in the spelling. However, we believe that her Christian belief's as a
child where more in line with the Lithuanian Church ... possibly??

Out side of these few facts we know little of our Mother's life prior
to her marriage to our Father and moving here to England to be with
him. Would anybody know how we might best follow these snippets of
information up or has anybody else come across this lady in their

Many thanks all. Sue Kay, London, England.

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