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Alexander Sharon

"Denise Azbill" wrote

Dear Genners,

I think I need to rephrase my query-thanks for your patience! On a ship
manifest, the town my husband's family came >from is very clearly spelled
"Uriw", Russia. Would one be inclined to think this is Uryv (previously
in Volhynia), Russia, or Orov, Ukraine? Family lore is that they came
from Bessarabia. The last name was SCHNEIDER, first name Hirsch. The
mother's maiden name was KATALOWSKY, first name Schifre.

Thanks again

Denise Azbill
Las Vegas, NV

It appears that there are few contradictions and unknown:

1. Town Uriw, Russia (or Uryv, Volhynia) is not identified
2. Orov, Ukraine was located in Galicia'a Crown Land of Austria, thus it
cannot be located in Russia
3. Ukraine would not be identified on any documents, since country known as
Ukraine has been only in existence for the last 10+ years. Passport was
issued in the name of the Emperors of Russia or Austria-Hungary.
4. If family has originated >from Bessarabia than you should investigate
shtetls names within the modern Moldova borders and the adjacent Ukrainian
territories (eg. Podolia)

Alexander Sharon,
Calgary, Ab

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