JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Question on patronymics #general

Alexander Sharon

"Daniel Scaliter" wrote

I've found on jri-pl database the following names regarding to the
same individual:

- Zelik Danielewicz PETRICER
- Zelik Daniel Noselewicz PETRICER

Would be 'Daniel Noselewicz' the name of his father?
Were the grandfathers' given names used in vital records as
patronymics and then he could be the son of Daniel ben Nosel?

Thanks in advance,

Daniel Scaliter
Bs. As. Argentina

This is a typical "double name" situation.
Zelik's father is Daniel Nosel. In one document only his first name is
uyilized, but in the other, both.
Documents of my Mother identify her as Chana Shulimowna and Chana Shulim

Alexander Sharon,
Calgary, Ab

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