Ernst WEIL, born 1880 Eschwege, Germany > ? #germany

Reuven Mohr

I'm trying to find out the fate of Ernst (maybe Ernest) WEIL, a first
cousin of my grandmother.

He was born 25 Jun 1880 in Eschwege, Hesse, Germany. His mother was
Henriette nee KATZENSTEIN >from Eschwege. His father Heinrich WEIL, a
merchant, was born 1845 in Frankenthal, Palatinate. Heinrich and Henriette
first lived in Ludwigshafen/Rhein, where their first two sons were born,
Eduard (1876) and Oscar/Oskar (1877). In 1878 they moved to Eschwege, where
Ernst was born.

The Eschwege registration card for the family says that Ernst, still single,
relocated to Mannheim by 01 Oct 1899. My emails to Mannheim municipality and
archives were not answered, but a friend checked for me relevant
sources there and says there was no Ernst Weil at this time. >from Ludwigshafen,
where archives staff is very helpful, I was told that no Ernst Weil lived
there at the time. Ernst does not appear among German holocaust victims.
It looks very much like he emigrated.

He had relatives in USA, especially CT and NY, but since Ellis Island
has no exact match and he is not in the SSDI index, USA doesn't seem
to be where he lived, assuming he did not change his name.
In the late 1930ies some relatives went to South Africa.
But maybe also Australia could be a possible destination.

I wonder if somebody on the list has access to further sources to check for him.

Thanks in advance. Reuven Mohr Israel reuven.mohr@...

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