JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Where is 'Senorshin'? #general

Carlos Glikson

There seems to be no "appropriate equivalent" for Cathy Glatt's
" Senorshin / Senorskin " in JG's ShtetlSeeker

Please let me mention a long shot just in case Cathy does not receive a
more appropriate answer, and in case the place may be not so close to
Warsaw. If Cathy or her friend have access to the image of the passenger
list in the Ellis Island site, it would be good to check if "Senorskin"
could be a bad interpretation of a handwritten "Sopotskin" in the
manifest. It will not turn up sounding close to Senorskin in
ShtetlSeeker, but a badly-read "Sopotskin" might have become "Senorskin"
when a volunteer loaded the Ellis Island database.

Maybe the "n" has a little longer first line going down and "en" is really
"op"? Maybe the "r" is a shorter and not-so-well-crossed "t"?

Sopotskin - coordinates 5350 2339 - is in today's NW Belarus, very close
to the triple border with Lithuania and Poland (about 4 miles >from Poland
and 6 >from Lithuania). Alternative spellings are Sopockinie in
ShtetlSeeker, and Sapockin according to MapQuest.
Best wishes,

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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