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Dear GerSIG Members:

I have a free offer that you should take me up on.

I am sure that many of you while having an interest in German-Jewish
genealogy also wish there was an easy way to follow contemporary American
Jewish – German relations.

Germany has the fastest growing Jewish population in Europe and is of
critical importance to Jewish political interests.

In 2008, after serving as a staff member of AJC for many years (I’m still a
Senior Advisor) I had the honor of being the Founding Director of the AJC
Berlin Office. Realizing that there was a void, I decided to start putting
out an Internet newsletter on the subject of American Jewish – German
relations. It began as a small project and now has grown to a mailing list
of over 1400. I get a lot of positive feedback so occasionally I try to
expand the number of readers. It is for this purpose I’m writing to you.

Immodestly, I call my e-publication DuBow Digest (DD). I actually write and
pay for the e-mailing myself and have enough chutzpah to think people like
to read it. Knowing of your interest in the issues that interest GERSig
members, I thought you might like to receive it. Incidentally, I put it out
twice a month. It has no ads, no requests, no nothing! Just news and views!

Therefore, to receive it all you have to do is to e-mail me at
dubowdigest@... with your name and e-mail address

If you decide you want to be on my mailing list I hope you will read, enjoy
and learn >from DD. If you have any questions, please drop me a note.

My best regards, Eugene (Gene) DuBow, South Nyack, NY edubow@...

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