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Alexander Sharon

"Robert Rosenbaum" wrote
I'm having trouble locating two towns and wonder if the names ring a bell
with anyone.

My grandfather's residence prior to emigrating >from Austria in 1899 was
Reputschewitz (according to the transcribers at the Hamburg Archives) or
Repuchewitz (as shown on the Ellis Island manifest). (I had always
thought he was >from Galicia, but the Ellis Island supplement actually
says Bukowina as the province of birth.)

Then his naturalization petition >from 1913 gives his birth place as
"Zalaschezkg, Austria." This is written very neatly in the clerk's
handwriting, but it seems to me there must be some transcription error
somewhere, like maybe that final "g" should be a "y" or something. (He
was a German/Yiddish speaker and was a tradesman, in case that helps in
interpreting how he might have spelled things.)

I can't find these names or minor variations of them anywhere. Can anyone

Robert Rosenbaum
San Francisco, Calif.

Zalaschezg is a corrupted version of Polish Zaleszczyki (currently known as
Zalishchyky in Ukrainian), prior to WWII this Galician town was a border
crossing between Poland and Romania.

"Repuchewitz" is corrupted German/Yiddish version of village Repuzynce, pron
[reh poo zhee ntseh] (currently known in Ukrainian as Repuzhintsy at 4839
2548) located just 3 miles East >from Zalishchyky.

Both localities are located within the historical Bukovina where Ukrainian,
Romanian (Moldovian), Russian, German (Austrian) and Yiddish town names are
happily mixed up.

Alexander Sharon,
Calgary, Alberta

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