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Alexander Sharon

Lois Friedman wrote:

Good morning,
I just received an email for a lady in Ukraine. I am seeking
information on a village called Vilyavche or also spelled
Willawczer. She informed me that this village is now called
Korytnoe. I don't know if she wrote this word in cyrilic or
not because I have searched endlessly to no avail. Does anyone have any
information on Korytnoe or know where I can access this information.
Thank you in advance,
Lois Friedman
Delray Beach, FL USA

Vilyavche (or Vilyavtsy) have retain their name. Village is located at 4820
2522, West of Snyatyn and Chernivtsi in Bukovina region of Ukraine.
Korytnoye is adjacent to Vilyavche - village is situated less than one mile
distance to the East.

WOWW gazetteer identifies village as having prewar population of 320 Jewish
souls. It also indicates that Vilyavche alternative name was Vilauchea. It
was common for localities within Bukovina and Bessarabia (Moldova) regions
to have Russian/Ukrainian/Romanian names.
Willawczer is Yiddishe variations or rather it is associated with the
"Willawchers" landsmanshaftn folks >from Vilyaviche.

Please also note that there are other genners that are searching for the
surnames in Vilyavche through JGFF.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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