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In the latest Galitzaianer I read an article written by William F. "Fred"
Hoffman titled Slownik Nazwisk Is Online. What it is, is a searchable data
base of Polish surnames and their concentration by Provence back in 1990.
I was able to find some of the surnames that I am researching. In one
sense I am lucky because the surnames I am interested in are not at all
that common and as such do not appear in many of the provinces.
I would ask if anyone out there has access to any directory that would
enable me to get the address of the persons below I would be grateful.
As I wrote in that article, "If you find a name is highly concentrated in
one area, or you know the exact area they came from, you have a better shot
at getting addresses than if you just say, 'Duh, my ancestors came from
Poland.' One source that might be worth a look was mentioned in the July
2000 issue of the _Polish-American Journal_. In that issue the PAJ
Answerman suggested one can find individuals or families 'by contacting
the one office in Poland that has on file the addresses of all people
currently living in Poland: Centralne Biuro Adresowe, ul. Kazimierzowska
60, 02-543 Warsaw, Poland.'"

I have since heard >from people who have contacted this Central Address
Office and received addresses. One key is that Polish privacy laws will not
allow that office to simply hand out addresses -- the people in question
must be contacted and their consent obtained first. So there's no guarantee
you will get the information you want.

Still, you may. It's worth a try. You're asking about specific names in
specific areas, and names that are not very common (it would be pointless,
obviously, to write and ask for the address of everyone in Poland named
Jaworski, for instance). I think you have a reasonably good chance of
getting a reply that will help you. I hope so!

William F. "Fred" Hoffman

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