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I apologize if this is a double post, but I posted yesterday and it has not
appeared on the group. Roadrunner is infamous for this!

I am being told by my husband's family that my late father-in-law left Riga
in 1916, by train, hopping on and off cars as soldiers checked the train,
since he had no papers. He wound up in Japan. We have found a couple of
tickets, one >from Darien (looks like that >from the handwriting) to Kobe,
and then one >from Kobe, Japan, on the "Canada", leaving Japan Dec 27 1916
and arriving Seattle Jan 18, I think - tickets are marked "third
class/steerage". The tickets have his brother's first name on them, not
his. His brother and his father had left some time before for South
Africa, and I do not believe they ever returned to Riga. He had always
claimed that he was joined by a group of young men. also >from Riga, and
also in a "similar situation" in Japan and they had to write to the
President of the U.S. for "permission" to come here. He told the family
that when the ship arrived, there were "people" waiting for them.

I have a number of questions:
1) Where is Darien? How would he have traveled >from Riga to Kobe, Japan?
2) Why would a number of young men have had to petition the U.S. President
for permission to come here?
3) I can not find a ship called the Canada, except for a transport ship.
Also, do the tickets imply steerage?
4) On one of the tickets there is the word "quarantine". was this usual,
and for how long would this have lasted?
5) What facility, like Ellis Island, if any, would have existed in Seattle
at that time, and where would the records be?
6) We found a certificate of citizenship for 1935, but no declaration of
intent, which I would have to send for to get further information on his
arrival here. Since he lived in Brooklyn NY at the time, would those
records be there or in Manhattan?

Thank you in advance, Leslie Weinberg

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