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Ira Leviton

Dear Genners:

Does anybody know a translation for the profession that reads in Polish
as szpektora (for a man) or szpektarow (for a woman)? I was stumped by
this word which appears for two individuals on my great-grandparent's
marriage registration; it did not appear in several Polish dictionaries,
and several native Polish speakers have told me that there is no such
word. (One even remarked, "I read Nowy Dziennik every day, but I've never
seen that word.)

I found the word "szpektor" translated as teacher's assistant at, but is this actually an
arcane term for something different? Or does anybody have a reference for
the Jewish Gen translation?

Thanks, everybody.

Ira Leviton, New York, N.Y.

searching for LEWITAN (Rypin and Myszyniec, Pol.), NIEDOBITEK (Rypin,
Pol.), BLANK, STRICK, KORN, REBHUN, REPHAN, RAPHAN, (all >from Niedzwiada,
Mala, Debica, Rzemien, Mielec, Gorlice, and Ropczyce, Pol.), and ATLAS
(Wien/Vienna, Austria)

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