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Most immigrants to Canada arrived through one of Halifax, Nova Scotia;
Saint John, New Brunswick; Montreal or Quebec City, Quebec. The former two
ports were open year-round. The latter two ports could be used only
between late March and late October because of ice in the St. Lawrence

This page shows most of the Passenger Lists (PLs) for those coming into

< >

In this case, note that the PLs for Montreal are included with those for
Quebec City, the first listing on the page.

These microfilms are available through Inter-Library Loan to the U.S.
Again one needs to know the Date of Arrival. You seem to have that, but
may need to look in the microfilm previous to T-488 (T-487), as well.

I found my mgf and mg-uncle immediately in these microfilms because I
knew my gf's DoA. My other gf and both gms are, however, a "needle in a
haystack" story. Am having to go through _each_ Ship's Passenger List on
several films to find them because I have no idea when they entered.

Much luck,

Shel Bercovich
Calgary, AB, Canada

sbercovich at shaws dot ca

NB: Please remove the second "s" in "shaws" in the return address if you
wish to respond directly.

Searching: BERCOVICI, GOLDENBERG, MOSCOVICI - Darabani, Dorohoi, Iasi
& Stefanesti, Romania
ECHTER - Tulchin, Botha, & Krivoye Ozero, Ukraine
KLEBANOV (various spellings), LIPKIND - Minsk Gubernia; USA
ZWANG - Israel; Argentina

Shawn Weil wrote:

I am trying to locate the immigration records of a Solomon Fibish. He
emigrated >from Romania to Barre, Vermont via Canada. The 'Certificate of
Arrival' included with his naturalization papers indicated:

Port of: Montreal, Canada
Name: Schlome Favish
Date: Aug 9, 1906
Vessel: Grand Trunk Railway

I've looked him up in the St. Alban's list index, but could find neither
him, his wife (Dora/Gohres), nor his two children (Jennie and Nat) who
arrived 1 year later. I can look him up by date, but I fear he will not
be there. Am I looking in the wrong place??

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