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Paul Silverstone

Bonsor's book lists four ships named British Queen built in 1839, 1849,
1881 and 1890. None of these were sailing at the time of the query.
Bonsor lists only steamships employed by companies sailing on the North
Atlantic and carrying passengers.
No ship named Minerva is listed by him.

Eugene Smith's book lists passenger ships of the world, not just those
on the North Atlantic, and they are not listed for those dates.

If the questioner was looking at the Indirect Lists, then thse ships
would not be in the books I cited. If his people arrived in North
America at the times listed on ships with those names, they would
probably be sailing ships, or a freighter not regularly carrying

Paul Silverstone

New York
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Stephanie Weiner wrote:

Paul Silverstone is in all probability totally correct in assuming that
both ships, the Minerva and the British Queen, were, literally "sailing"
vessels. Doing a Google search, I located the British Queen sailing from
Liverpool to Nova Scotia in 1862. Found a reference to the ship Minerva
sailing >from Liverpool to NY in 1825.

Stephanie Weiner
San Diego, CA

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