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Phyllis Kramer <phylliskramer1@...>

I've been at this about 10 years, and have noticed that researchers
sometimes make 2 errors when they use the JewishGen Family Finder

first, they forget to use the *soundex* - so often when jews moved, the
spelling changed..that's why they invented Soundex, so that names that
sound alike will be searched - it's easy to use - the default search
on JGFF is Standard (ie: exact spelling) - but most of us need to click
on the Soundex option instead.

second, they forget that in "those days" marriages were frequently arranged
with jews >from neighboring towns....and often the groom went to live with
the brides parents. This means that the family you are searching for may
well be located *not in the town your grandfather came from*......but a few
miles away.

To overcome this, when I research a town, I first get the
latitude/longitude of the town (easy to do >from the Jewishgen Shtetl
Seeker). When another researcher claims his people are >from another town
within the same country, but a town i dont recognize,i go into
the shtetl seeker on jewishgen put in the coordinates of *my town* then
the other researchers town name and shtetl seeker will
automatically *compute the distance between the two towns*. Then if its
within 20 miles, I contact the other researcher.

Happy Hunting,

Phyllis Kramer (
searching (all GALICIA):
KRAMER,WISNER, BEIM >from Jasienica Rosielna
SCHEINER, KANDEL, SCHIMMEL >from Strzyzow & Dubiecko

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