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Roger Lustig <trovato@...>

John Hruszovsky wrote:

We are still trying to locate information on the surname Schlesinger which
goes back to Czechoslovakia in the late 1800's. One of our proven
relation was living on a "Schlesinger Majer" near Nove' Mesto,nad Va'hom,
Czechoslovakia (near Piestany) and conceived my Grandfather. We have no
name nor proof of a father to him, but it was rumoured that it was the
owner of the farm, a Mr.Schlesinger.
I have yet to come across any Schlesinger researchers anywhere that have
this lineage as well, so I'm reaching for straws now :(
[much deleted]

I was thinking of some sort of DNA testing to either prove or disprove
that we came >from the Schlesinger lineage - at least then we'd know what
to pursue. I know there are many DNA testings going on throughout the
world to prove lineages -- does anyone know if there is such testing
going on with any Schlesingers? We have been at a brick wall on this for
a couple years and feel like it's now our only hope to see if this is the
lineage we need to pursue or not.
Dear John:

If only it were *any* other name! SCHLESINGER was the single most
common name among Jews in Silesia (just north of the border). This is
not surprising, as the name means "Silesian." In 1812, there were over
80 SCHLESINGER households in Silesia. I don't have figures for Bohemia
or Moravia, but the name was common elsewhere too.

Without at least a given name for your SCHLESINGER, you'd be better off
searching haystacks for needles. Are there any land-ownership records

Best of luck,
Princeton, NJ
Researching Gliwice & other towns in Upper Silesia

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