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Dear Genners

A few weeks ago The JGSGB had a very interesting meeting at Kinloss
Shul the subject matter was family recipes
some of us were looking for clues where our families might have
originated >from the sort of food which, was prepared by
our grandmothers, the obvious ones discussed were how some families
prepared their gifilte fish did they use pepper
or sugar(a definite giveaway where your family came from) The classic
dish made by my grandmother Halibut in an egg & lemon sauce which we
learnt was originally a spanish recipe.

My grandmother added saffron to her chicken soup, has any one heard of
this before. ? Saffron these days is fairly expensive, was that the case
a hundred years ago? my grandmother came >from a working class very
English jewish family I just wondered could this be a sephardi tradition
or as they lived off Middx street spices were probably easily available
so why not use them. Are there any other Anglo Jewish genners whose
families might have spent hours frying fish but never made gifilte fish
or Cholent or added saffron to their chicken soup

Anita Benson
Hart, Lee ,Martin ,Martines, Nunes Martines,& Silva

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