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Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

The answer to question has so many possible answers and I can cite a few:

1. The husband was a businessman and travelled to Indianapolis where he
either knew or met the girl or her family.

2. The husband lived in Indianapolis prior to moving to New Mexico.

3. The wife met her husband on vacation.

And many more possibilities . . . . including my favorite long distance
family story: my aunt was travelling with her father and my mother when
she met her husband on a train between Manchester and Leeds in 1928. He
was a businessman >from Leeds and she was going to her sister's engagement
party in Leeds. He struck up a conversation with my grandfather who
invited him to visit when he was next in Manchester and that was
that . . . and my aunt's daughter, later married someone she met at a
family friend's wedding in Dublin.

Ann Rabinowitz

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