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Abuwasta Abuwasta

Looking for the roots of my mothers family KOENIGSBUCH
from Brzesko(Galicia) I discovered that some family
members left the Shtetl to Germany between 1900-1915.
I also found out that some of them ended up in Alsace
and later applied for French citizenship through a
naturalization procedure.I would recommend to visit a
French site have an English
option).After feeding the surname it will show up
results.In my case they referred me to a CD-ROM called
les naturalisations entre 1900 et 1950(Naturalizations
between 1900-1950) and apparently it gives plenty of
bassic details about those who applied(given
name,surname,date of birth,place of birth etc..).The
CD-ROM costs 34 Euro.Have not ordered it yet but I
presume it might help some members who had relatives
in France during those years.If any of you has the
CD-ROM I'll be glad to be informed.
Jacob Rosen

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