JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: American Red Cross #general

Maurine McLellan

I think it is the same service that the Red Cross has been offering.
They just seem to be promoting it more.

I recently had a meeting with the local Red Cross chapter. They had just
received a request >from the main office in regards to a search that had
been initiated in Germany and were seeking assistance in locating the
person requested. I noticed that the search had been started over two
years ago. And in this particular case, the individual who was the
subject of the search decided they did not want to make contact with the
searcher. I don't know what kind of reply the searcher will receive.

Maurine Bothman McLellan
Stilwell, KS, USA


Daniel Kazez wrote:

At the conference last week in Washington, I saw a booth for the American
Red Cross "Holocaust and War Victims Tracing Service." The pamphlets they
gave out looked very promising. Excuse my bluntness, but is this a
different service >from what they have done in the past? I have submitted
about 2 searches per year over the last 5 years, and have never had a
response. Are there perhaps different procedures and expectations now?


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