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Sally Bruckheimer wrote: "I think that it is very possible that your
relatives are buried at one of the cemeteries at Cypress Hill but not the
specific one named Cypress Hills Cemetery. You might get the death record
for your ancestor, which will have the name of the cemetery on it.."

I am afraid that Sally's suggestion that one may obtain more specific
information about site of burial on the death certificate may not always
prove useful. My great-great-grandmother died in NYC in 1876. According
to her death certificate, she was buried in Cypress Hills Cemetery, with
no further details. Despite the fact that my father remembered visiting
her grave as a child, we never have been able to locate my great-great
grandmother's site of burial.

Helene Kenvin

(Kalarash); COHEN (Gnesen, Prussia; 19th century NY and Richmond, VA);
JACOBS (19th century NY and Richmond, VA); WIESENTHAL (Skala Podolskaya);
WEISSMAN (Trembovla); KHENVIN (Kremenchug, Kiev); WALTMAN (Zhvanits,
Khotin); GOODMAN (Chotin, Novoselitsa).

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