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Charles Vitez <vitez@...>

Not really wishing to take sides in this argument, all I would say is that
because of the connotations (as to lack of intelligence) of calling a
daughter a duck or a goose, it is unlikely that a parent would have given
such a name to a daughter. I would also incline to the view that it is an
affectionate form of Katia, where the "t" has elided to "sh" and clean final
vowel to the all embracing "eh".

Charles Vitez

"Alexander Sharon" <a.sharon@...> wrote in message

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killshot@... (Lowell Nigoff) writes:

<< I was told my grandmother's name, Kacze or Kachka, ment duck. She
was >from Stepan, Poland. >>

I don't know Polish but in Yiddish, for sure. Katshke is a duck.

According to Beider's "Personal Names" Katshke is a Slavic name derived
from Katharine;

Michael Bernet, New York

I am a bit curious how do you manage to get >from the duck to Katharine.

Yidish 'kachke' (duck) is directly related to Polish 'Kaczka.' [kah
With all my respect to Beider, Slavic female name that is derived from
Katharine is Kasia [kah shyah] or Kaska [Kah shkah] but not Katschke.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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